The correspondence of Gio Ponti comprises the letters he wrote and received from 1923 to 1979. The documentation is complete, apart from a few years for which the letters were lost or destroyed during World War II. The correspondence is divided into folders which contain an average of 600 documents, namely letters, newspaper clippings from the period, documents of various kinds and sometimes photographs. The correspondence can be divided into two parts. The first and larger section is strictly relevant to Gio Ponti, while the second includes the other partners, Antonio Fomaroli and Alberto Rosselli, who joined the firm during World War II. The topics dealt with in the correspondence are varied and reflect the different phases of Ponti's work and his projects, opinions and activities in various fields: the publications section contains correspondence with the magazines Domus and Stile and their respective publishers; the project section documents his relations with clients and institutions in Italy and abroad, correspondence with artists, writers, architects, designers or just friends and acquaintances.

The collection contains a total of 96,000 original documents. Recently, the correspondence in the possession of Gio Ponti's heirs has been photographed, organized and indexed, while retaining its original structure; the indexing of the individual letters will be completed in 2011. 


more then 99.900 letters


6.400 recipients


 Among the various correspondence, the ones with G.C. Argan, Alberto Savinio.T Filippo Marinetti, Benito Mussolini,Tony Bouilhet, Adalberto Libera, Aldo Garzanti, Edgar Kaufmann, Le Corbusier, Nathan Shapira, Josef Singer, Joseph Rickwert, the Plancharts, Henry Luce,Tapio Wirkkala, Manuel de Sola Morales, Juhl Finn, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jose Antonio Coderch.

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